We are glad to share with you some of the testimonials we got from our participants in the online courses :

“The overall layout of the page and the introducing information grabbed my attention from the start! In addition to this, this course provides loads of useful information in the form of e-books and text. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed the time aspect of this course – being able to complete it in my own time and pace. Overall, I have really enjoyed this course and I am really glad that I have participated in it.” – Sandra Jedrysko, Yipworld   student in Online course – Youth worker;

“It’s been quite a surprise all the course. The story around the learning was incredible, and you feel involved in the learning. When you finish a week, you simply want the next to start so you can test your knowledge. Congratulations, this was awesome. – Paulo Jacob           – Municipio de Odemira     – student in Online course – Youth worker;

“I came to the course as a beginner. The path from the start to the end seemed so long-term. But time ran very quickly, because it was interesting, exciting, and funny. Now I feel the ground under my feet and the wings behind my back. Thanks to the team for inspiring work!”     Aryna Maroz Kashalot, student in Online course – Youth worker;

“This course of youth workers gives us the information about youth work, youth worker’s roles and responsibilities, knowledge about group dynamics, cooperation, conflict management, event planning and so on. Challenges and missions help the participants to learn more.” Salome Khurtsidze – Girl Scouts DIA, student in Online course – Youth worker;

“All information is impressive. I saw all amazing and I tried to finish as soon as possible. Thanks a lot thevoyage.eu You gave me unique experience.” Serhat Calis – Brain Crowd Idea and Project Community, student in Online course – Youth worker;

“This course was a unique and incredible journey for me. This is the first e-course dedicated to the youth workers’ profession, which I have found so far and it was a real pleasure for me to go through it. I really liked the structure of the course, the topics selected and the information provided – every piece of the educational content was very clear, deep explored and straight to the point. And for those ones, who would like to explore further the authors of the course have prepared various extra materials – articles, documents, books and videos. Another great feature of this course was the fact that the authors have prepared various types of activities, in order to respond to the different learning needs of the participants – audio-visual presentations, reading books, space for interaction with the others, interactive games and quizzes and last, but not the least – time and attention was given to individual analyse and reflection, so the participants can go through the learned material and connect the theory with their real life and work. I would like to say big THANK YOU to the team of the course and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues and friends 🙂 ” Veselina Dimitrova     – student in Online course – Youth worker;

“The course has been one of the best regarding materials and IT support. The members of MasterPeace Ro Association will surely benefit from the info and the books that were offered as support. The facilitators offered an online version of a real training and the easy going and relax way of doing the necessary steps in achieving the badges made this an ideal was of learning. I believe that the objectives were achieved, and the way of delivering the course makes this one of the best courses linked to the current educational framework of open education. ” Marian Dragomir – Master Peace Ro         Online course – Youth worker;

“The e-learning course Learning to learn was very important for me in my professional improvement of being a youth worker. Not only for myself as a learner at one side, but also at the other side to be able to help young people I work with. It has enlighten me some crucial aspects of learning and going through learning process in general and it has helped me a lot to understand the best way of learning for me.” – Lada  Matyášová Lubla, student in Online course – Learning to learn;

“The course is well structured. The use of different teaching method, textual and interactive allows those have different learning styles to learn the concepts better.  The course accompanies you in a guided tour where challenges and missions are carried out, very useful tools for practicing what you learned.” Laura Sanna PASSI – Societa  Cooperativa, student in Online course – Learning to learn;

“Trainings like this are absolutely vital to educate more and more people on such important issues, especially in developing countries like Armenia where the society is not yet ready to fully understand the importance of online learning and online learning opportunities.  I must admit that the training course was carefully prepared by an absolutely professional staff, hence increasing the eagerness of the participants to acquire deeper knowledge on this sphere.” Zhorzh Seyradaryan – AFPI – student in Online course – Learning to learn;

“This course is really interesting. It depicts most of the important information one should know about the process of learning and the ways that learning could be improved. It is full of great examples, nice videos and most of all challenging missions that keep you involved in your learning. It is a great resource to use for yourself, if you want to build a healthy way of thinking and a lifestyle that supports learning, and as an instrument you can use to guide students in class.” Simona Anasia – Emil Racovita Galati, student in Online course – Learning to learn;

“Online course learning to learn is my first online course and it is an excellent one! The information is given very clearly and in that way that put into thinking about your own learning style and analyse also your teaching style.  Challenges and tools and missions make this course enjoyable and attractive for the learning! I would recommend this course to teachers.” Irina Meljakova – Sillamäe Vanalinna School, student in Online course – Learning to learn;

“Very useful tool to those who plan their career and make a CV. also useful to counsellors who work in job application offices.” Photini Karamouzi – Greece, explorer in The Career Box – Interactive career guidance guide;

“A very well organized and well thought guide made by professionals in different area of expertise.”    Mihail-Madalin Iordache   – Melanthus Softworks – explorer in The Career Box – Interactive career guidance guide;

More testimonials can be found here:  http://thevoyage.eu/mod/page/view.php?id=1437