Some of our colleagues are presented below:

  Sorin-Victor Roman

  • Project manager;
  • Start-up-s consultant;
  • Events coordinator;
  • E-learning designer;
  • *And a trainer in the field of youth and adult education for 15 years in more than 100 courses and over 2000 participants;

   Claudiu Schwartz

  • Game designer;
  • Educational architect, gamification expert;
  • Visual-script programmer;
  • Composer;
  • *And a big fan of James Paul Gee & Tim Sweeney – obviously…

  Florian Matei

  • Lead designer, illustrator;
  • Concept artist;
  • Digital sculptor;
  • Animator.
  • *And a ridiculously talented actor – as if his other talents weren’t enough…

Sergiu Avădănii

  • Game tester;
  • E-learning editor;
  • Video editor;
  • Project manager assistant;
  • *And a huge fan of video games;

Ioana Popa

  • Youth worker, educator;
  • E-learning editor;
  • Translator;
  • Project manager assistant;
  • *And a highly motivated, creative and hardworking individual with passions for people and art;

Camelia Avramescu

  • Educator;
  • Translator and interpreter;
  • Voice actress;
  • Project manager;
  • *And far more than your regular educator having over 25 years of experience in education both in Romania and the US;

In our work we count, as well, on a network of over 20 project based team members.