Entrepreneurship for Inclusion


Unemployment, especially among youngsters, is one of the biggest challenges contemporary Europe is facing in a constantly changing labor market: statistical data say that in Europe seventy million people do not have adequate basic and transversal skills.

Our project aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and communication skills, integration and active citizenship of young people under disadvantage, proposing a model that can be replicated and transferred to several sectoral and geographical realities


  • To implement an exchange of good practices between training institutions active in the field of Youth Education and career guidance.
  • To improve self-awareness, promotion of skills personal, social, and organizational development of young people and people in social disadvantage and in situations of vulnerability.
  • To create a Handbook version, for trainers that allows them to acquire skills for active and collaborative training (use of various formats and supports) and will contain the results of research on soft skills, guidelines for non-formal training, and the best innovative practices.
  • To develop a Short term staff training for youth workers to exchange and test the contents and teaching methodologies inherent to entrepreneurship and employability education and then propose them to others, to be able to grasp the strength, difficulties, and resistance that can be encountered in putting them into practice.


  • HodinaH – Czech Republic;
  • Nordic European Mobility – Sweden;
  • Asociacion Cultural Y Deportiva Lahoya – Spain;
  • Areadne OE – Greece;
  • Predict CSD Consulting – Romania;
  • Regional Cluster North-east – Bulgaria.

Web-site of the project: https://entrep4inclusion.eu