We have worked both on 2D and 3D educational games which are inserted into our online courses to make them more interactive for the participants.


We produced over 20 small interactive games for the Learning to Learn and Youth Worker courses. More precisely, in Youth Worker course we had small e-games for each of these chapters:

  • Definitions;
  • Youth worker in Europe;
  • History of youth work;
  • Some special responsibilities of a youth worker;
  • Group dynamics;
  • Communication;
  • Education;
  • Non formal learning;
  • Diversity;
  • Conflict management;
  • Development plans;
  • Cooperation inside a community;

One example can be seen, without creating a user, at: http://thevoyage.eu/mod/scorm/view.php?id=1503 – Cooperation inside a community. Log in as a guest and launch it.

More of them are accessible once the viewer is registered as a participant in the courses available on the platform thevoyage.eu.


Based on 3D engines and editing software we produced a few educational 3D games, taking the interactivity on a higher level. A glimpse of what a simple game is you can get seeing this promotional video of the course, with the 3D game situations in the background:

More complex 3D educational games will be available in the other courses on the platforms thecourses.eu and themobility.eu, starting with 2020.