2012 – 2014 – CONSULTANCY FOR A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY in the fields of: general management, how to choose an efficient place for a local branch, realizing marketing strategy, preparing the plans for recruitment, selection, orientation, motivation and rewarding for own personnel, making interview guide, SIMULATION exercises for potential employers, business plan etc.

2007 – 2009 – COMMUNITY CENTER DEVELOPMENT – in a partnership with another company, we supported a corporate and a local community to set up a community centre which became a representative NGO for that community. For this project we followed the main steps from Stakeholders Engagement strategy: Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower. Here are some of the main indicators from this project:

  • Number and diversity of non-formal activities (e.g. trainings, camps, workshops) developed for persons from the local communities: 10
  • Number of participants in non-formal education activities : 150
  • Number of people participating in Centre activities: 50
  • Number of local people participating in projects implemented in other localities: 12
  • New development ideas created due to the Centre: 5
  • Number of positive messages given by the people from local community at the end of the first 16 months of the project: 10
  • SWOT Analysis – 1;

2007 – 2009 – LOCAL PARTNERSHIP FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – in a partnership with another consultancy company, we supported the local community and local businesses to create a space for dialogue and partnerships in order to create local sustainable development initiatives and sustainable decisions. The GOALS of this multi-stakeholders forum were to:

  • Create a space for information exchange, dialogue and debate so that everyone in the community feels comfortable to approach the subjects proposed;
  • Promote debate regarding the sustainable development of the area, encourage the ongoing improvement of a common sustainable development strategy and plan, and stimulate the exchange of experience, opinions and values;
  • Partner with local institutions and stakeholders to enable the strongest possible community development as agreed under goal 2; support stakeholders in their clarification of roles and responsibilities;
  • Encourage training and professionalism among partners to optimize our community’s capacity to assume projects and implement them successfully;
  • Raise the capacity to apply for and absorb public investment funds into the local community;
  • Encourage the members of PLDC and fellow community members to assist community citizens who have problems, within their capacity. Help options to include direct help, making connections with the right person or institution that could help, enabling informed decisions, providing support for grant writing that could help solve the problem etc.

2007 – CITIZENS INVOLVEMENT – Assisting a national NGO to realize opinion pools, to involve citizens in the decisional process on transparency law, to organize seminars and to promote a specific project.