The work in “The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker” was very much appreciated on the national and European level and the project has been selected as a “success story” and good practice example by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. “Success stories” are finalised projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results and/or creative approach and can be a source of inspiration for others. The selection of your project as a success story was made on the basis of rigorous criteria regarding its quality, relevance and results.  

We were thrilled to see that our work and the results produced in this project were appreciated at their right value considering the efforts involved. From the EU file with finalised projects, for year 2014, we were in a small group of 5%, i.e. there are only 89 projects with these stars from a total number of 1777 projects finalised on ALL KA2 areas.